“Advertising has gone from a monologue to a dialogue. Ideas and messages have to resonate and be interacted with in every conceivable medium. Brands have to be organic and part of a much wider, less controllable, conversation. A brand can’t interrupt what people are interested in any more – it must be what people are interested in. We’re in the midst of a revolution in communication – and it’s never been so exciting.”

Jim Wortley has worked in Europe and North America, on global brands and local brands. He’s created award-winning TV, Video Content, Radio, Direct Response, Print, Outdoor, Ambient, Experiential, Event, Design and Digital. He’s worked in some of the hottest creative departments at some of the best agencies in the world. He’s led creative departments that have built brands from scratch – and resurrected brands that needed new life or a new direction.

Take a look at his work here and find out more about where he’s worked, and what awards he’s won, on his LinkedIn page.

He can be contacted here: jwwortley@gmail.com
and here: 1 416 258 6786